The Third Badab War

The Testament - Part I

From the Journal of Dr. Elasarus Jessum:

They will call me a heretic for what I’ve done. They will label me a traitor. They will say my mind has been corrupted by the gods of chaos. Heretic, traitor, fiend…let them call me what they will. What I have done, I have done for mankind. I have no regrets.

The Imperium faces thousands of foes among the stars, their forms taking everything from the malevolent evil of chaos to the mindless rampages of the orks. But among the xenos, no threat is so dire as that posed by the creatures we call the Tyranids. No foe is as implacable, as destructive, or as elementally terrifying as the great devourer.

The truth of the Tyranid threat is one the High Lords of Terra hide deep within their vaults. They know that the battles to date against the Tyranids have been merely skirmishes when one considers the true expanse of the Hive Fleets. They know that the great fleets and countless legions that protect Terra can not hope to defeat the endless swarm drifting beyond the edge of known space, at best our warriors can only delay their advance. If we are to survive, we must find another way of war.

We have long known that the Tyranids are directed by a consciousness beyond human understanding, a malevolent psychic presence the sanctioned describe as a ‘Shadow in the Warp’ and our scientists call a ‘Hive Mind’. This dominating yet intangible presence is what drives the bestial forces of the Tyranids forward with intelligence and purpose. It is a force that shapes their forms and actions, driving the infestation and consumption of all worlds in the swarm’s path.

But the Hive Mind’s signal may also be the Tyranids’ one weakness. We know that the monsters that do the Tyranids’ killing do not think for themselves. I have long theorized that if we could find a way to control the message of the Hive Mind, we could use it to control the swarm. Not only could the Tyranids be turned back from their invasions, they could be wielded as a weapon against the Imperium’s foes. Under human control, the swarm could become an army without equal.

And now I have discovered the way it can be done. I have created a device that creates a psychic distortion field powerful enough to disrupt the Hive Mind’s reach through the warp. This leaves the Tyranid organisms in a feral state, and therefore easily influenced by a psychic field of my own design. By overriding the Hive Mind’s influence, I can replace the Hive Mind’s direction with orders of my own.

To test my theories, I have located a small splinter brood of Tyranid swarm on Archaea IV, creatures with blue skin and thick green shells. Using my distortion techniques I have made contact and taken control of the creatures that serve as the Hive Mind’s psychic nodes. Though the interface could use much improvement, I have found that rudimentary control is possible. They now move, fly, and fight for me. As I gain more understanding of their psychic link, I’m sure more refinement will be possible.

But in order for my thesis to be proven, I know I must take my brood into combat. Fortunately for us, the recent outbreak of violence near Badab has provided a perfect avenue for experimentation. As the xenos races converge for war, I will send my brood out to meet them. And when Badab is mine I will offer the prize back to the Emperor. After such a victory, even he will not be able to deny my genius.

Of course, there will be those that oppose me, not just among the xenos and chaos, but among those who would call themselves defenders of mankind. They will send armies against me, claiming to be agents of order and purity. Let the fools bring their war, I have no fear of them. My Emerald Brood will show them the truth they refuse to see. If blood must be shed to save humanity, then I will gladly spill it.



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