The Third Badab War

The Testament - Part III

From the Journal of Dr. Elasarus Jessum

Our Emerald Brood grows day-by-day, not just in size but in capability. With each new generation we gain finer control over the Tyranids’ movements and actions. Our continued research has given us new avenues to explore, including the use of psychic crowns that let us see through the creatures’ eyes and directly control their activity. I am proud of my team for their ingenuity and dedication even in the face of long nights without sleep and harsh deadlines to support the schedule I demand. Thanks to their efforts, we are breaking down the walls of orthodoxy every day. As as they fall, our swarm grows.

But that’s not to say there haven’t been setbacks.

We knew that the enemies of mankind would oppose us, but after our initial successes we may have underestimated just how tenacious they could be. Since my last entry we have engaged the Tau on Eshunna XII and have battled the forces of the Chaos Legions again on Jahga. Regretfully, in both of these battles the bulk of our forces were destroyed, leaving only stranded remnants left marooned on alien soil. It could have been called a tragedy…had we not learned so much through their defeat.

The battle versus the Tau illuminated some nagging weaknesses in our control of the brood. Though our vanguard forces successfully pushed forward into battle with the Tau’s gunline, the Termagants we left as rear guard were easily scattered by the Tau’s flying suits. Perhaps if they had pushed forward with the rest of their kin we might have overrun the Tau’s defenses, but as it was our beasts were slaughtered by mass fire from both in front and our rear. Still, our brood slaughtered nearly all of the xenos on the field, including their largest battlesuit and one of their hammerhead tanks. But it was not enough. By the end the Tau’s missiles and particle cannons had cut down every last one of our attack force, leaving the ruins littered with their corpses. When we turned off the monitors the Tau were regrouping to chase down the last of our survivors.

On Jagha we hoped to capture a psybeacon that blazed brightly in the brood’s otherworldly senses. We landed with a larger swarm than last time, hoping that if we were engaged the greater numbers would buy us time to escape with the relic. Unfortunately, it seems that the chaos legions had already fortified the battlefield, and though we captured the relic for a time, we could not weather the sustained assault their firepower rained upon us. Our Trygon was able to kill their commander, and our Carnifexes smashed one of their tanks to smoldering ruin, but these early successes were not enough to turn the tide. Our winged Tryant was brought down by sustained fire from traitors manning an old quad cannon, and our warriors were blasted apart by sonic weapons from afar. Still, we might have escaped, if not for the chaos warrior in green. We shot away all of the zombies that followed him and still he came. He destroyed our Homaguants with nary a break in stride and cleaved the exoskeleton of a Carnifex as if it were brittle glass. Only our Tyrannofex survived the onslaught, and only then because he bypassed the warrior in green for other prey.

Even as we send more transports into the warp to conquer other planets, there is frustration among my men. Some urge caution, but I know there is no time. The longer we wait the more powerful our enemies will become, until they have the ability to drown us in naval firepower. Rather we must accelerate the timetable by striking at Badab Primaris itself, using the spaceport at Piraeus II to find a way past their defenses. Meanwhile, we will take Piraeus V from the Tau, using their own victories against them by attacking in their rear. Next time we meet in battle we will anticipate their strengths and understand their weaknesses. Neither Chaos nor Tau will find easy victory again.

As for the Emerald Brood themselves, I could not wish for better test subjects. Through use of the psychic crowns, the brood does more than just what we order them to, they anticipate our thoughts and show us the way forward. There is a mysterious intelligence inside even the smallest of these creatures, something that is difficult to quantify in purely scientific terms. It’s not until one has been inside of their minds that they might understand how masterfully they have been designed. The greatest of man’s relics and artifacts are but playthings compared to the wonders of Tyranid biology. In all the universe, nothing I’ve seen is as fantastic as the worlds we’ve found within their genes.

I will report again once our forces have taken Badab. Perhaps then we will feel the Imperium quake.


I really like your investment into the story line. I am holding mine until it’s all done and writing a huge back story/event log for mine.

The Testament - Part III

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